The Elevation of Crafts to Treasures

Many crafts are nothing more than a way for people to make useful items for little or no cost. The supplies are generally something that can be found within the home. People create these items with only the thought of sharing them with friends and family. Some crafts have become more complex and are now recognized as treasures because they have been kept in families for many generations.

There are few people that do not know someone that loves to quilt. This craft has long been a popular way to spend time while making something that can be useful. Sewing together bits of old cloth into a pattern is a relaxing way to spend an evening in creative activity. There are many people that now realize quilts are keepsakes. Some quilts have been passed down through several generations. Many of them were created by people with an eye for compatible colors and bold design. These antique treasures are now being treated as pieces of art by those that understand the value of handmade quilts.