Threlkeld Parish Annual Meeting 2018 - Minutes



At Threlkeld Village Hall



Cllr Richard Sealby



Declaration of Interests




Annual Parish Report of the Chair

The Chair gave a brief overview of the previous year, that 2017/2018 had again been a relatively quiet year.  The chair thanked the councillors and parishioners who contribute to the Cumbria in Bloom, and noted that more volunteers are needed.  The Chair thanked the Parish Councillors and Clerk for their support during the year.



Threlkeld School Headteacher – Nick Turley

Nick gave the meeting an update of the position of Threlkeld School, and a brief background to himself!  Nick trained at Ambleside, then went back home

e to Scarborough, where he worked in a school for 9 years, progressing to deputy head, and being an advisor for the Department of Education, supporting failing schools. 

Nick believes in a sense of belonging for the children and for them to be proud to be a pupil at Threlkeld School, along with a sense of belonging.

Unfortunately, the school has been subject to funding and budget costs, this has involved the redundancy of 1 teacher.  The school is funded on pupil numbers in the October of the year, and to keep the current staffing levels there needs to be 70 pupils. Currently there are 62 children, although 16 of these move up to secondary school this year, and there are only 4 starting.  To try and aid this issue a nursery is being opened, which will initially take a maximum of 5 pupils. 

The school has recently been successful in a lottery grant for improvements to their playground.

Nick showed the meeting some photos of recent events at the school including a trip to London. 

Nick asked if it would be possible for the parish council to agree to a footpath being installed around the edge of the Jubilee Croft, to enable the children to undertake their “Daily Mile” as the field is often to wet to be used.  To be discussed at a future PC meeting.

Interaction and communication with the parish council and community were discussed, and Nick was very positive about this, and invited parish councillors to the school.  The parish councillors would like to give the children an insight in to the history of Threlkeld and the place names, to pass this knowledge on. 

Nick was also very enthusiastic about using the outdoor classroom, the councillors advised further benches may be required, this to be discussed at a future PC meeting. 

Nick was thanked for attending the meeting.


Public Forum




Distribution: Cllr Carolyn Cripps, Cllr Donald Angus, Cllr Roger Bragg, Cllr Mick Le’Huray, Cllr Dot Benson, Cllr Madeleine Singleton, Cllr Les Dalzell, Cllr John Pickering


18 April 2018, Rachael Kelly, Clerk to Threlkeld Parish Council