Parish Council Minutes - March 18

Minutes of the Threlkeld Parish Council Meeting held at Threlkeld Village Hall, on Tuesday 20 March 2018 at 7.30pm

Present:  Cllr Roger Bragg chaired the meeting with Cllr Donald Angus, Mick Le’Huray, Cllr Dot Benson, Cllr John Pickering, Cllr Madeleine Singleton, Cllr Les Dalzell and Cllr Tom Wentworth-Waites (CCC) attended

Members of Public

11 Members of the public

2017 / 213 – Apologies

  • Cllr Carolyn Cripps, Cllr David Arkley, & Cllr Richard Sealby (EDC)

2017 / 214 - Minutes

  • The minutes of the Council meeting held on 20 February 2018 was agreed for signing and initialling as a true record (Circulated prior to meeting).

2017 / 215 - Declarations of Interest

  • Cllr Dot Benson – 2017/218 – 7/2018/3031

2017 / 216 - Exclusion of Press & Public (Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960)

  • Not applicable to any agenda items. 

2017 / 217 - Democratic Half Hour / Public Question Time

  • Neil Beresford spoke regarding his objection to planning application 7/2018/3021.  His concerns included:
    • No evidence of local needs
    • Goes against multiple policies
    • Back land development – Threlkeld is traditionally linear development
    • Reduces car parking on Station Road, which is imperative to the village. 
  • Mike Chapman spoke regarding his objection to planning application 7/2018/3021.  His concerns included:
    • “You do not inherit land from your ancestors – you borrow from your children.”
    • No local need
    • Too big
    • Crammed development
    • Greenfield site
    • Not infill
    • Threlkeld is a traditional riven settlement, consistent with the area
    • Urges TPC not to support
  • Vickie Cooke spoke about planning application 7/2018/3031 which would enable Vickie and Shaun Benson to live in Threlkeld and would also help to support the farm. 
  • Graham Teasdale spoke about access to the field above Sunnybank from Dickney, Graham was advised that Dickney Car Park was an agenda item and would be discussed later in the meeting. 
  • Neil Le Sage attended to speak about the planning application he has submitted – 7/2018/3021, and that the houses would be built to a high standard, and he understands developments will raise conflicts, some of which are sometimes justified.


2017 / 218 - Planning Applications

Cllr Cot Benson left the room whilst 7/2018/3031 was discussed. 

Reference No.





Conversion of barn into 1 local occupancy dwelling and 1 holiday letting unit

High Row Farm, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4SF

Support – diversification of local farm, allows a young local couple to stay in the area.


Conversion and alterations to barn to form local needs dwelling (revised scheme)

Barn at Blease Road, Threlkeld, Keswick

No objections


Residential housing development

Land to West of Station Road, Land off Station Road, Threlkeld, CA12 4TT

Object - No local need (CS18 & CS04), Threlkeld is a ribbon/linear development, and this development is outside the existing line, Threlkeld Housing Association have historically struggled to sell homes which are for local needs. 

2017 / 219 - Eden District Council & Cumbria County Council Representation 

  • Cllr Richard Sealby sent his apologies
  • Cllr Tom Wentworth-Waites attended the meeting and advised there had been discussions on the budget.  The council are trying to streamline funds to allow for repairs to highways due to the winter damage.  Tom spoke of his concerns about the lack of communications from Highways England during the works on the A66, and that in the future communications need to be better. 

2017 / 220 – EDC Devolution and Transfer of Assets

  • The clerk advised that CALC have advised that parish councils do not sign the draft contract which EDC have circulated.  CALC have employed a solicitor to redraft the contract to present it to EDC. 

2017 / 221 – Threlkeld School

  • Nick Turley sent his apologies.

2017 / 222 – Jubilee Croft

  • Tree stump – Cllr Donald Angus and Cllr David Arkley looked at the tree stump and noted that the metal spikes were from when the original fence was attached to the tree.  Cllr Donald Angus removed the tree stump, so the metal spikes were removed
  • Branch in play area – Cllr Donald Angus removed the branch and subsequently removed the tree as it had split.
  • Play area – to ensure that before taking over from EDC the condition is correct. 
  • Wall – it was agreed to discuss at the April meeting, to allow parish councillors to look at. 

2017 / 223 – Village Spring Clean

  • It was agreed for a village spring clean to be organised for 16th April at 10am, from the village hall car park.  To be advertised in Beneath Blencathra
  • The Clerk to contact Highways England regarding the need for litter picking on the A66.

2017 / 224 – Dickney Car Park

  • Cars are parking passed the edge of the car park and causing damage to the area of land which is a village green. 
  • The request from Graham Teasdale about putting a hard core track to the field was discussed, and it was agreed for the Clerk to gain legal advise.
  • It was agreed that cars need to be stopped from parking on the land above the car park. 
  • Honesty box needs repaired
  • Notice board needs repaired – Clerk to contact a local joiner to arrange repairs
  • The area which United Utilities worked on has not been grass seeded by Cllr Donald Angus.
  • To discuss at the March 2018 meeting. 

2017 / 225 – War Memorial

  • The Clerk advised she had tried to make contact with the organisation who had submitted our grant but cannot make contact. 

2017 / 226 – Kiln Howe

  • It was agreed for the Clerk to keep contacting the Environment Agency for an update regarding the turfing works and the fence they had placed is now rotten. 

2017 / 227 – Annual Parish Meeting

  • It was agreed for the Clerk to contact Nick Turley, the headteacher of the school if he wishes to attend the meeting, to give an update from the School.

2017 / 228 – Lighting

  • The light outside The Sally is awaiting connection by ENWL
  • A letter has been received from the residents of Lakeland Court regarding the light.  The Clerk to respond stating the light is not the responsibility of the parish council, and is not on the EDC list. 

2017 / 229 - Finance

  • 229.1 - The Bank Reconciliation for March 2018 was approved for by the Chairman






Heart internet

 £          15.59



R Kelly Expenses

 £            8.73



Threlkeld Village Hall

 £          14.00



R Kelly Wages

 £        204.10





 £        112.78



 £          90.72



Cumbria in Bloom

 £          40.00



D Angus

 £          11.00



R Kelly expenses

 £             8.33



United Utilities


£         200.00

Monies received at the meeting


Car Parking


£         103.26




£         10.00




£          68.00


2017 / 230 - Highways

  • The Highways Spokesperson gave an update including:
    • Chasing pothole with CCC – it is beneficial for everyone to report issues to CCC.

2017 / 231 - Correspondence

  • All correspondence circulated prior to the meeting was noted. 

2017 / 232 - Flag Flying Dates

  • Queen’s Birthday – 21 April
  • St Georges Day 23 April

2017 / 233 - Reps. Reports

  • Cllr Donald Angus – Towngate Trust
  • Cllr Donald Angus – Recreation Field
  • Cllr Dot Benson – Village Hall Trust

2017 / 234 - Matters to be placed on the next agenda

  • As above
  • Telephone Box Sign
  • Kiln Howe
  • Cumbria in Bloom
  • Annual Parish Meeting

2017 / 235 - Date of the next meeting

  • The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 17 April 2018, at 7.30pm


The meeting was closed at 21.05